Natural metals develop a patina over time.  On some pieces you may be waiting for this to happen because it brings out depth in detail and adds an antique oxidized finish.  To speed this process, leave the piece out in a humid environment such as the shower or steam room.  To slow down this process, keep your jewelry stored in air-tight bags or containers when not being worn.

Sterling Silver:  We find toothpaste like Crest Whitening does the trick on our pendants.  Use your fingers and rub toothpaste on the piece under running water, a brush can help get into fine grooves.  You can also buff the surface with a soft silver polish cloth.

Bronze:  Make a paste with baking soda and lemon or lime juice.  Rub onto the piece, wash off with water, and buff with a polish cloth.

Adjustable Rings:  Gently form the ring in an even round shape to the finger you will be wearing it on, avoid excessive opening and closing as any metal will snap if bent too many times back & forth.  Put it on like a regular ring!