Filou Designs, *Jewelry for inspired Living*, features handcrafted solid sterling silver & mixed media jewelry created by Fiona Louie, who uses her travels and imagination as her muse.  She is drawn to exotic developing places rich in diverse culture.  Ocean adventures in the Galapagos Islands, Safaris in Tanzania, Living in Japan, and Spiritual Journeys in India are just a few highlights of the adventures she has been fortunate to have experienced.  Living on the west coast of British Columbia has her immersed in constant natural beauty which keeps inspiration flowing.  Most recent sparks in creativity have been drawn from her interest in yoga.

Signature styles include cut-out silhouettes which are often composed in shapes, organic medallions that are created from original carvings, and the new 3D collections which are created from various techniques including organic casting, wax carving and sculpting.  These styles explore negative and positive relationships in composition, mass and process to reach the final material form.

The beauty of working in metal is the ability to create anything the mind can dream of.  Imagery includes exotic, natural and whimsical motifs sketched by the artist.  Many of the pieces are finished with a "fiddlehead bail" unique to Filou Designs.

Filou Designs has been highlighted in many media publications including Fashion Magazine, The Crave Book, Where Magazine, The Georgia Straight and Loulou Magazine. 

Each metal charm is of original design and is handcrafted with love on the beautiful

west coast of Vancouver, Canada.

Filou Designs is about a life & mind without boundaries.